This Photographer With No Limbs Make Better Photographs Than You

Most people think being born without limbs is not functional anymore. But there are people who are always there to remind us that your life is better than them. So stop complaining about what you don’t have in life because there are people who are more suffering than you. But not for Achmad Zulkarnain. He was born without limbs yet he followed and pursued his dreams magnificently.

He’s 24 years old and from Indonesia, he never thought of his physical disabilities to be much of a hindrance to his career. And as you can see on his photos, he is better than you.

He maybe lacks his hands and legs but not his soul for being passionate on what he truly loves to do, and that is photography.  Achmad Zulkarnain manages to take awesome pictures even though he only use is mouth and face to click the cameras button. Check his photos and below and stop whining about your imperfect life. You can support him by following him on instagram.

Zulkarnain lacks fingers, but it cannot stop him from what he wants to do. He has perfected the art of photography using his mouth and face as a replacement for his hands.

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