Miss Korea Contestants Are All Look the Same – Funny Chinese Reactions

Miss Korea Pageant 2013 contestants have been revealed, with many of the beautiful ladies who have joined are looking as if they were the same person. From the shape of their faces, their eyes, nose and lips. It is very difficult to identify which is going to win. Maybe next time DNA result should be presented too. It’s funny to think that they were products from the same plastic surgery clinic. The other funny thing is about the Chinese netizens reactions regarding this event.

and the chinese reactions:


[They] should have bar codes printed on their faces, so I can check where they got their plastic surgery.


An integration of Eastern and Western beauty aesthetics, resulting in the world’s most beautiful face, creating a mold for the sculpting and polishing of all the women in the world. Gentlemen, you marry a wife like this, and you’ll have the entire world. This is so inspirational.


Each and every Korean woman has had cosmetic surgery and facelifts so they all look the same. They look very pretty, but once they are married and have children, [the children] all look very ugly and resembles neither father nor mother, growing up and having to go get plastic surgery again, with one generation after another like this, so men need to be careful when it comes to marrying a pretty sassy lady only to give birth to an ugly duckling.


No kidding! Chinese [women] are natural [beauties], Korean women are manufactured, can the two even be compared!?


To tell the truth, no matter how much plastic surgery Chinese [women] go through, they still won’t be as pretty as Koreans.


Attack of the clones…


No matter how pretty after cosmetic surgery, genes can’t be changed. Once the child is born, people will know she is a real beauty or not.

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