Google’s Wireless Headphones Can Translate 40 Languages in Real Time

Google announced at its annual hardware event that they will be releasing their branded wireless earbuds which they called the Pixel Buds. Pixel buds features are gesture controls, swipes or touches to switch songs, adjust volume levels and answer phone calls. If you want to activate the built-in Google assistant, which will give you directions, set reminders and access music and messages, you should touch the right earbud. Cool right?

Pixel buds can last for five hours on a single charge. It has different colors to choose from: black, white and blue. When connected to the internet, Googles Pixel bud can help you interpret between 40 languages in real time. How will you do it? Just tap the right earpiec and ask Google to “Help me speak Japanese.” Then start speaking in your regular language.

Check out the videos below.

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