Britney Spears Sold Her Painting For $10,000 To Help Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Britney Spears painted a bunch of pretty flowers in watercolor and sold them for $10,000 at an auction benefiting the victims of last month’s tragic shooting in Las Vegas. It’s the purest thing and people are trampling all over it.

It’s very touching that Britney has this big heart towards other people. “The flowers in my painting represent a new beginning, and it’s in that spirit that we move forward,” Britney stated about the painting. It went to Vegas Cares auction to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous star Robin Leach.

Still, there are few people who mocked the painting, but who cares! Britney made an effort to help others especially those who are in need. Let’s praise her for her kind gesture. Wish you luck Britney!

Image credits: Getty / Gabe Ginsberg


And this is Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous who bought the painting!

But there are always bitter people who hates life.


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