Bangkok Glow Photo Series of Xavier Portela

Xavier Portela is a freelance photographer who captures the vibrant colors of the streets of Bangkok and documenting the lively people at night. Portela wander the streets of many foreign cities and create a perfect way to describe the place. His photos highlights the urban cityscape, alleyways and mostly focusing on street vendors and many more. Experience Xavier Portelo’s photos below and calm your eyes with its glowing colors.

 “November 2016, I produced my first photography exhibition in collaboration with Inkut Lab. I provided them 33 photographs from my collection Glow and they printed each of them directly on brushed aluminum plate
To save money I decided to create the entire marketing communication for the event by myself: exhibition poster, video teaser, facebook cover, newsletters, etc.
Below you can discover all the assets I created in order to promote this first exhibition and also all the 33 pictures that are visible at Inkut Lab in Brussels (13 Avenue Albert, 1190 Brussels) until February 23, 2017.”


“After the success of Glow a year ago, showcasing night photographs of Tokyo and Hong Kong, I decided to make it an ongoing project in order to add more cities in the collection.
Below is a new selection of photographs from Bangkok.”


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