Awesome NBA Wallpapers by Patrick Ellasos

Graphic artist and illustrator from Manila, Patrick Ellasos, impresses NBA fans all over the world about his works which were being posted on different official NBA social media accounts. After taking up a degree in Fine Arts, Patrick started working as a graphic designer for an automotive enterprise and later on for an online printing and digital marketing company. Most of his personal works consist of photo manipulations and digital illustrations, mostly NBA players, since he is a big hoops fans.

“After I posted several NBA basketball illustrations on my Behance account, I got an email from the NBA asking me if I’m interested to work with them for their social media campaigns. Then of course its a yes and after a few months of collaborating with them, I’ve decided to quit my day job. We’ve just concluded our first successful season together and we’re working on the second. Never in my wildest dream did I think that simple personal projects that I’ve created just for fun will land me a dream client. I also got a chance to work with several mobile game developers and SONY through a California based design agency.”

The NBA Philippines gathered 900,000+ new followers since the start of the 2016 – 2017 NBA regular season which helped the Facebook page to hit the 3,000,000 followers milestone this year. Not to mention the increased volume of interactions, likes and shares.


“Internet is a vast universe of endless reachable inspirations. I love reading art and design articles from various design blogs like From Up North, Design Boom and Colossal. Pinterest is also a fast growing portfolio of great creative visuals and ideas.”

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