Artistic NBA Players Caricature by Dai Tamura

Japanese based illustrator Dai Tamura created a series of NBA players that will get your attention. Through his artistic techniques you will be amaze on how he imitate the players characteristics. The thin lines and the grotesque effect on his caricatures will definitely amaze you.

Dai loves basketball since when he was a kid and wanted to land a job related to basketball. After graduating on design school in Japan, Dai was hired  by a company as a designer for uniforms and T-shirts and was while working on that company, he was inspired by american caricature style.

He worked for a company “Caricature Japan” for 7 years as a caricature artist and as an instructor until last June in 2017. With all the hard work Dai won the best artist award at ISCA annual convention in Phoenix, AZ and was featured in ISCA exaggerated magazine. Dai still continues to make caricatures of NBA players and inspires other artist to continue and improve their talents. With this kind of attitude I’m sure Dai will reach his dream of landing a job on NBA as an artist like he is right now.

Below are his awesome works. You can follow him on Dai Tamura’s Instagram

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